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Garage Flooring

Even that it is the most neglected part of every home, the garage plays a vital role in every house. From parking our cars, using it for the home workshop or gym to storing much needed and not so much needed items, the garage floors takes it all.
An outdated, cracked, or damaged garage floor can greatly reduce the value and functionality of your home.

With our One day garage floor coatings you can upgrade the look of your garage floor in no time, while adding an exceptional durability.
Our garage floor coatings are designed to withstand constant use, frequent impacts, stains, abrasions and cracks, while protecting and preserving the underlaying concrete floor.

Our garage floor coatings are ideal not only for residential garages, but also for showroom, dealerships, carports, auto repair shops and engine repair shops.

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Garage Flooring Benefits

Our one-day epoxy garage floors come with a range of benefits that can save you money and time.

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How We Do Garage Floors

Floor preparation is the most important part for the longevity of your new garage floor. At NEX LVL Concrete Coatings we take floor preparation very seriously and we make sure we address every little detail on your floor.

We start every concrete floor job by mechanically grinding the concrete slab, to remove any dirt, stains, old paint and waxes and oils from the concrete. Mechanically grinding the floor, also helps open the concrete floor, so the epoxy coating can properly bond to it.

Once we've achieved the correct concrete profile, we move onto repairing all cracks, holes and hairlines. We then sand and smooth them over.

When we are done with the floor preparation we move onto applying the basecoat or primer for metallic finish.
For flake floor finish we also broadcast the vinyl flake chips at 100%.
When the basecoat is fully cured we scrape off the excess flakes (for flake floor finish)and apply a 100% UV stable Polyaspartic topcoat.

For metallic epoxy finish we apply a self-leveling epoxy that contains the metallic pigments. When the self-leveling is fully cured we seal the floor with 100% UV stable Polyaspartic topcoat.

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